Shell Gas Saving is $0.09 cents, not $0.10

  • 4 May 2023
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I've recently noticed that when I use my Fuel Rewards card (daily $0.05 off) to fill up with my T-Mobile Tuesday savings (additional $0.05 off), the price is always $0.01 MORE when I get my receipt than what's posted at the actual pump. This is the case at all the different Shell gas stations I've used in the DFW (Texas.) What's up with this? 

I got gas today and it was posted for $3.03.  With the $0.10 off, I should've paid $2.93 per gallon, but when I got my receipt, it clearly shows they took $0.10 off of $3.04. So I ended up paying $0.17 more than I should have. 

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If gas in Texas is like Arizona and it's says it's 3.03 but if you look at the price at the pump it's actually 3.0399 and when you pay it's actually 3.04 because it's rounded up.