Simple Choice VAL AAL UNL T+T

  • 8 December 2021
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Hello. I am included in a friend’s family plan and I was supposed to pay only the $30.00 fee of the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data + 10 GB SMH.  However, this month I realized I had to pay an additional $10.00 + taxes fee for the “Simple Choice VAL AAL UNL T+T” which I did not request.  How can I cancel this plan and continue paying only the $30.00 magenta fee?  I was also promised by a T-Mobile customer service rep, that I should not pay more than $30.00 when I complained a month ago about the same issue.  Please advise.  Soon I will separate from this friend’s family plan and will choose another service provider if that’s the case. 

2 replies

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You need to talk to the PAH. They’re the ones that makes changes to the plan.

I have 2 devices that are on Simple Choice and 3 devices that are on Simple Choice VAL AAL UNL T+T. What is Simple Choice VAL AAL UNL T+T? Why am I being charged an extra $10 each for these three devices?