Sprint customer getting strange calls

  • 4 November 2021
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Has anyone been receiving calls from T-Mobile? The number is 844-319-1130. They say they're going to assist me to change over my Sprint account to T-Mobile.  Offer me a great deal but then start asking for my pin # and account info. When I say I'll wait yhey say I have to soon or my account could be canceled. They call every other day?

3 replies

Yes, I just got a call from that number as well and he knew how many phones I had and what I pay… and he was talking about a discount etc. And he asked for my security question and then I got a Security Account Alert email from sprint. I asked him if he’s a scammer and he shuffled a bit…. I ended up hanging up… I changed my PIN and security question afterwards.

Did you confirm if that number is a scam by chance?

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Did you confirm if that number is a scam by chance?


There are some reports that the number is fraudulent.


I just received a call from that phone number as well.  I generally don’t answer calls unless there is a name via Caller id with it, or I am expecting a call (like from a doctors office with numerous phone numbers), otherwise, I let it go to voicemail then determine if I am going to call back or not.

This call did only had number listed on the caller id, and did not leave a voicemail.

My guess, a spam call