• 11 August 2023
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STOLEN WATCH 6 BY UPS <<<<<<<~~ 8-10-23:  I am SO freaking MAD I do not know what to do.  I went to the Tmobile store in Laplace, LA last week, and one of the managers nickname Lola, told me about a promotion to get a free Samsung Watch 6 with a new line activation.  There was a black watch only, in the store.  I wanted a silver one, and decided I would go ahead and get one because of the Tmobile promotion.  She ordered my Silver Samsung Watch 6 -- 44mm, online  in the store for me. It was supposed to have arrived two days ago.  

WHAT DID I RECIEVE ~~~~ was ~~ A UPS BOX ABOUT 12” W X 14” L X 2” THICK WITH ONLY A WATCH BOX THAT HAD BEEN OPENED INSIDE!!  ~~~>>>>>NO WATCH<<<<<~~~~ After Hours ON THE PHONE with Tmobile customer care TWICE, calling the Tmobile store twice, I was told By a  Tmobile customer service guy named Raymone that I “could pay upfront for another Watch 6” or wait for them to complete their investigation.  I WAS SO MAD… I mostly stayed calm.  I asked him why would I want to pay upfront for a second watch 6 WHEN I hadn’t received the FIRST ONE?????????   WE ARE GREAT CUSTOMERS.   WE WERE WITH SPRINT WHEN TMOBILE BOUGHT OUT SPRINT AND WE SUFFRED THROUGH A HORRIBLE 2 YEAR “ACCOUNTS TRANSER/ takeover / INTERGRATION”… Just now THATS finally that over with… NOW, I get an empty UPS box with an empty Samsung Watch 6 box in it????? … and I’m told to pay for a second watch until they finish their investigation… THEN Tmobile will credit OUR Account??????    

I”m also mad that the local Tmobile store, (1737 West Airline Hwy Laplace, LA).  I was speaking with “Lola” and she hung up the phone on me, and when I called back, another woman said they were with “customers” and would call me back.  I AM A CUSTOMER.  We have had an account with them for SIX years (with Sprint WHOM they bought OUT).  “Lola” one of the store managers told me I could get a black watch 6 they have in the store and open another new line… and then when Tmobile finishes their investigation they will credit our account and cancel the order???  

I KNOW THAT TMOBILE HAS THE ABILITY TO TRACK THE SILVER WATCH 6 I THAT WAS NEVER DELIVERED TO ME >>>>>>>AND SEE NOW <<<<<<<<THAT IT WAS NEVER DELIVERED TO ME.   I see on my account through tracking of it, the 4 stops the BOX (UPS box) made… the 4th stop being delivered to our door EMPTY>>> except for the empty watch 6 box inside!!   I KNOW Tmobile CAN TRACK THAT STOLEN WATCH 6 FROM THE WATCH ITSSELF!!   If Tmobile gives US the option to track our devices THEN THEY CAN TRACK THEM!!  The second time I called Customer Service I was told it could take 2 days to 2 weeks to complete their investigation.  I ordered the watch 6 so I would have it before August 15th… NOW, will I have my watch before then??  I REALLY BELIEVE TMOBILE SHOULD TREAT THEIR LONG TERM CUSTOMERS BETTER THAN THIS.

I feel the treatment I received today on the phone for 3 hours between two customer service calls and the 2 calls to the Laplace LA, Tmobile store, was NOT how Tmobile should treat loyal long time customers!!   We have SIX lines through Tmobile.  I just get two new phones through them about 2 weeks ago with two new lines.  I JUST ordered/bought a $2000 dollar Samsung Z Fold 4 through Tmobile (through the Laplace, LA Tmobile store) about 5 months ago!!   NOW, Tmobile wants me to pay upfront for a second Watch 6, because someone, somewhere, in UPS, stole the one that was shipped to me??  REALLY???  I have purchased over $3000 dollars in phones in less than 6 months at the Laplace, LA Tmobile store and I can’t be trusted with a $300 watch?   THIS IS SH*TY CUSTOMER TREATMENT AND ITS WRONG!!

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