Switching from T-Mobile Prepaid to T-Mobile Magenta Max 55+

  • 15 February 2022
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I am currently a T-Mobile Prepaid customer who is contemplating upgrading to the Magenta Max 55+ 2 line plan.  How difficult is this process?  I am 70 years old so I guess I qualify.  My brother who also is over 55 years old (73 years) and also a T-Mobile customer under the Select Choice Uni TT-D30 plan which he tells me is being discontinued.  I plan to have him use the other line.  Can we keep our current T-Mobile phone numbers?  When I asked a CSR at a T-Mobile store, he said they prefer to issue new numbers as the process of porting takes a long time to do.  Can this process be done online instead at a T-Mobile store?

1 reply

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Be prepared for a little bit of annoyance with the process.  You will need new SIM cards for postpaid and even though the numbers are already in T-Mobile’s system.  They still have to be ported from the prepaid system to the postpaid system, which can take a few days to complete.  A credit check will be required.  To get all of this done in the simplest way.  I am going to suggest going into a T-Mobile Store with all of the SIM’s you need ported from prepaid to postpaid.