T-Mobil blocks texts containing links from

  • 3 January 2022
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I understand that T-Mobile blocks texts containing links from 


That’s censorship.  You’ll lose this customer.


T-Mobil blocks texts containing links from

5 replies

the exception of a few months I have been with Voice stream / T-Mobile or almost 25 years. if they haven't stopped the censorship by my next billing cycle, I'm gone!

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I sent that URL to my phone and texted it out to a PagePlus line with no problems.

“The Gateway Pundit (TGP) is an American far-right fake news website. The website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories.”

And I guess you probably think CNN and MSNBC are not fake news? Just another brainwashed sheepledrinking the Kool-aid! Let’s Go Brandon!

Is T-Mobil (Sprint) still censoring its customer's information and texts by preventing the sharing of information from a great, truthful, objective news source called “The Gateway Pundit”? If so, my family and I are gone! What - has T-Mobil become another Facebook  / Facistbook?