T-Mobile does not want to keep me as a customer

  • 23 September 2021
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I have talked now for 4-5 weeks with Sprint/T-Mobile.  I have been a customer since 1998.  T-Mobile is forcing me to turn in my “older” phone that is 1.5 years old because it will not be compatible on the new network.  It’s an LG G8x ThinQ with the dual screen.  Flagship device for LG at the time.  It’s performance has been AMAZING… My lease is up this month.  My wife, who also has one, comes due later this year.  I have always paid on time, never missed a month, don’t call every month for credits...for 23 years.  Anyway, they want to “upgrade” me to a Samsung A32 (junk phone).  I am now shopping around and have found that through work, I can get the ATT unlimited Elite plan for $75 per line with a $10 credit per line (comparable to what I pay now)  They will also offer the S21 Ultra 5G for $13.89 a month with trade in (Tmobile currently offers the Ultra for $41.67 a month).  I’m trying to get a price match on the phone.  After talking to TMobile for an hour today (most of it on hold) the associate tried to get me to take an $8 credit, free tablet and free watch (but would have a MRC plan that I would have to pay for for each of those) and when I declined it he yelled “FINE!  GO TO AT&T!”  I have tried to stay with TMobile, but I’m getting nowhere.  Ultimately, I’ll check with my daughter and son-in-law (who, oddly enough have the same phones) and we can take our 4 lines to ATT and that will drop the plan down to $50 a month with a $10 per line discount and get a reduced cost of the Samsung Galaxy 5GUltra for each of us.  T-Mobile, this is probably your last chance to retain me.  Good paying customer for 23 years...will you match the phone cost, or will you make me go to a different carrier? 

5 replies

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the site itself here is peer to peer with some slight moderation from TMO to keep order..the agents in here do not have account access nor can really help you here.


try contacting TMO through either Facebook or Twitter and see what they might be able to do. i had a G8 but dont remember it being a 5G device..i think  the non compatibility deal is for devices that are not  VoLTE capable or something along those lines..they are shutting down certain bands and if the device is not VoLTE capable it wont work right.

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I had a Sprint LG G8 I was using on a Sprint MNVO and they are now using Tmobile towers and I was forced to get a new phone. Luckily I had a Tmobile LG30 I could use.


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was it lack of VoLTE? i could have sworn it was something along those lines.

Hey, I'm in the exactly same situation. How can I contact you? I'm  jonathanx60 everywhere.   @Arbordale @gramps28