T-mobile home internet is VERY SLOW and Drop constantly

  • 29 September 2023
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I switched from Comcast to T-Mobile 18 months ago. It was awesome at first. I am so close to the tower I can see the red blinking light from my front door. Upstairs I had close to 900MB down and solid 55 up.  Now is is lucky if I get 30 down. But that’s not the big issue. It constantly goes offline and completly  drops the connection. I know these becuase I get messages from my cameras and smart devices.  My wife works from home as she said it is really bad this week.  Well school is on break so the tower is probably being blasted from kids gaming and streaming.  I called TM and they said it is due to congestion on the network. I replyed you mean TM over subscribed their towers.  I will fiber would come in our area. May need to try StarLink. 

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