T Mobile is stealing my phone number

  • 18 April 2024
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I am so angry right now I could come right thru this screen! 

My friend Bob asked me to join him at T mobile for a promotion for seniors and then he would get a free phone.

I left Metro PCS/T mobile with my phone number I’ve had for years and got on his account. However, he only made me an add-on and I have no primary powers. In addition to joining their service, I purchased a Galaxy S21+ for $1000.

It pains me to say, Bob passed on Valentines Day of this year. And because I didn’t have the forethought, while I was holding his hand as he was dying in the hospital, to ask him his PIN number as primary phone account holder, T Mobile refuses to release to me my phone number. They didn’t issue me this number, I came there with this number and as anyone reading this knows your phone number is everything.  Your bank, credit cards, Amazon, Netflix, gaming, friends, work and family. Which also leaves the $1000 phone I purchased locked and unusable.  I even offered to reconnect the phones, even though one would be obsolete because Bob has passed and has no use for it but they said I still couldn’t get a release PIN for my number, MY NUMBER, the number I came to them with, because of the primary PIN. I told them I would track down his death certificate from his family and they said they need the PIN. The PIN is unrecoverable, my friend has passed, my name and number is on the bill. It shows I purchased the Galaxy phone.

Instead of acting with any kind of empathy or customer service or just plain human kindess, they would rather take from me my number, causing me, for months to update all the things my number is attached to, just because they can.

This will not end well for T mobile. I’m gonna file a lawsuit against them and its gonna start with ethical misconduct to recovering legal fees and end with pain and suffering. 

Win or lose, corporate is gonna wonder why they have to send a lawyer to a courtroom in Las Vegas, for what, to allow me to re-obtain what is mine?

 A 3 digit PIN. That’s all I need! 


Wendy. Absolutely fuming in Vegas!



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