T-Mobile Overbilling after Boost switch

  • 11 January 2022
  • 1 reply


Complete nightmare. Nothing has gone as was described at the store when we switched our family plan. They have overbilled me every month since we made the change in October. Every month i’ve called, they credit me the difference after long drawn out calls. I’m currently on hold, been so for 85 minutes now. When I called months back they assured me the billing was corrected, obviously it is not. Now they are telling me it must be escalated and someone will call me back. Read the other complaints on this, nobody ever calls. T-Mobile is a joke and a bunch of fraudsters. I will be switching providers as soon as I can figure which direction to go. Worst cell provider ever. 

1 reply

I am encountering this right now. Joined several months ago and my Bill is always $150.16 and my last correct bill was January 24. On January 28 I got two strange back to back texts say I no longer qualify for the promotion (which one I have several) and then one right after saying I was enrolled in it. I checked the app right then and nothing looked different. Then today I get a text about my auto pay saying it's $173 and change are coming out the 24th. 😱 What?? So I got on the chat help the lady credited my account and I thought it might be fixed. Nope. Got 2 of the same weird texts so now I will have to go to my local store to talk to someone and try to keep my cool. I'm either being charged for my 3rd line which is supposed to be free or I lost the 20% off promo for switching from Boost to a magenta max plan