T Mobile Sales Guy Lied - my bill is jacked up

  • 9 September 2023
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Went to TMobile to get an upgrade on my iPhone. We had previously switched to T Mobile from Verizon to get the 55+ discount and to lower our bill. Husband got a new iPhone that day, free of charge. At the time I didn’t need a new phone - i liked my iPhone and it was not old, so they told me I could take advantage of upgrading for free whenever I was ready - the discount would apply later. A year later I was ready and went back to the store and the sales guys set me up with a new phone, assured me it was not going to increase my bill, that it was the upgrade I was getting, I asked him at least 10 times to confirm that my bill would remain the same and that I was getting the free upgrade I’d not taken advantage of when we’d switched a year earlier. Yes yes yes. your bill will not increase. Liar! 

Well now I’m getting billed for the iPhone - gonna have to pay $829 over the next 2 years. The phone bill is increased now by 50%. The store where I bought the phone has now closed. Customer support was like “sorry” “not sorry.” I am not stuck with the full payment for this phone that I was told was FREE. 

T Mobile customer support pretended to help but I ended up with nothing but MAD.  T Mobile Sux.

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