T-Mobile Sales offered me Promotions that are not Combinable

  • 23 March 2023
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I was with ATT and called T-Mobile.  Their sales rep offered me a promotion that would pay off my remaining ATT equipment balance and also a promotion that pays $200 per line ported into T-Mobile.  I went ahead and switched to T-Mobile and applied for the $200 Port in promotion no problem.  Upon applying for the Keep it and Switch promotion to pay off the ATT balance of $636 I was told by the promotion department that they were non-combinable.  So either the sales person was not trained properly or she told me anyway to incentivize the sale.  Upon talking to customer service they pretty much told me I was not going to get the $636 and apologized.  What a horrible way to do business and make customers suffer for believing their sales people.  I no longer trust T-Mobile nor will I ever believe anything they tell me.  I hate companies that do not stand behind what their sales people promise.

1 reply

I will be leaving once my Good Faith credit is gone. Long story short, I was promised a certain price in store if I switched. This was a insider discount with 3rd line free and a BOGO line. After months and 13 pages of screenshots to prove all of this I get a supervisor that tells me they cannot override the system to match what I was promised because a store rep used a code that was already used too many times. So I have hometown discount with no free lines as promised and because they cannot fix, and trying to for months she decided to try and make me happy with a $810 credit. I took the credit but once its gone so am I and my 8 Lines!

I will never step foot back in their stores or service ever, ever again. This bridge has been burnt.