T-Mobile sent me to collections without notice

  • 5 October 2017
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I have a notification on my Credit report stating that I owe a debt collection agency money which is from T-mobile, and it has been sent to collections. I never received any information in regards to a debt before hand and I am still a current T-Mobile customer, OTHERWISE I would have paid it. I want to work with T-Mobile directly to pay off my debt. I do not want to contact the Debt Collection agency AGAIN. I have no problem at all paying off my debt, but I want this removed from my Credit report ASAP, because it is very damaging. I am very willing to work with T-Mobile to resolve this issue.  I would like to E-Mail directly or speak to someone over the phone

7 replies

So i was helping a friend out to get her own line and supposedly everything was transfer to her new account and now they're coming up with this bs that the devices were not transfer to there account. It yet I don't get notified for this but yet charged me and sent me to collections is there a way I can sue T-Mobile I want this resolve asap I'm trying to apply for a house and now this

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Hey there @magenta2807561  I see you already posted on our Tmobile Sent Me to Collections!!! thread. I responded there already, but  in case you missed it, you'll want to Community-2153 and have our care folks take a look to see where we can help further. Keep in mind, there is a chance you may have to work directly with the collection agency, but you can still reach out to us first. Thanks for posting.

I tried and i just can't get to the bottom of this  i need to talk to someone that can really help me out

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Hmm, that's really strange. This is something our Care folks can definitely take a look at if the other line was added to your account. When did you last call them? What did they say?

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Were you able to get this resolved? If not please reply back and let me know what you were told exactly. We wanna see this through so please keep us updated so we can help. Thank you.

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Good evening, @magenta2807561 !

We know it's important to get to the bottom of this. Were you able to get this handled through Customer Care?

Keep us posted!

I was a tmobile customer and switched to save money hated the service of spectrum mobile came back to T-Mobile and then they sent a 65 dollar bill to collections without any bill being sent to me and I am so livid I am ready to write the BBB about this because T-Mobile is doing nothing to fix it 🤬