T-Mobile Tuesday no shell promotion

  • 3 March 2022
  • 3 replies


Has TMobile ended their deal with shell I was mad about reducing 15¢ off gas's to 10¢ but this week the shell promotion wasn't there. The week before Feb 22 2022 there was no shell promotion as well. 

3 replies

I’m just now seeing your post and there wasn’t one today either. I forgot to check last week, but the week before I used the $.05/gal. I’m actually really upset about this bc I especially enjoyed the $.15/gal during price gouges & this is getting ridiculous. 

I just check today and no more shell rewards, bummer. I bet it has to do with the cost of gas going up and hurting big CEOs pockets. its Costco/Sam's club for me now. I also use the “GetUpside” App and i get some money back as savings and so far its been ok. you don't get a lot back but its better then nothing.

I’m so bummed… 76 app give you 10c off when you pay with their app. In addition, Costco has the best price in my AO.