Terrible customer service

  • 22 September 2023
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On August 31st, 2023, when I was about to pay my regular monthly charge for T-Mobile service, to my surprise I discovered an extra charge on an amount $236.99. I called customer service and was explained by the offshore representative, that the charge came from Assurant (insurance company).  I recently had a claim with Assurant, and they replaced one of the phones on my plan. Together with T-Mobile representative we contacted Assurant and they admitted that they failed to send me a return label and would do it right away. T-Mobile representative told me not to pay that extra charge and personally conducted a calculation and gave me a new amount to pay, he stated that the extra charge would be on hold. On September 19th (I already shipped the defective phone back to Assurant) I received an automated phone call from T-Mobile stating that my services were about to be suspended. I called again and a supervisor explained to me that previous hold expired, and he would create a new dispute and would call me on Friday September 29th. But he insisted that I shouldn’t worry, and my service will remain intact. Today on September 21st my service is suspended. I called again and was transferred to the supervisor. First thing he told me was “F**k you” and then for five minutes he was saying that he has never said it and after that, he stated that he didn’t mean it. He then stated that I needed to pay around $700 immediately. Today I open a complaint 81359 within T-Mobile. But I already know T-Mobile will lose my complaint by the end of today. The main phone number on my plan is 917-576-6299.

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