Text says I lost promotion??? what the ^&$*$!

  • 21 April 2023
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Back in Feb I took advantage of the Samsung/Tmobile upgrade to the S23 Ultra. I traded in my S20 Ultra. The websites had many ordering tech issues (noted in the forums) and iIfinally got  through.

However my account shows that I need to send in 3 other trade in phones (I guess they logged this in error even though the orders at that time didn’t go all the way through).   I later sent in my trade in after getting the proper emails, etc.   I received email stating the trade in was received and I got a $56 credit on March 11.

I was also part of Magent Max+ so got the monthly credit of ~$39/mo so the phone cost me ~$10/mo for 24 months.  Good deal!

I had chatted with agents about these 3 lingering messages on my account and they said they would have them removed but never did.

Today I get a text: 

Hi! The monthly bill credit for 2023 Samsung Trade P1 on T-Mobile line 3037251309 has ended because the promo ended or your eligibility status changed. Learn more


No details on what this means but the Chat agent says I am losing my ~$39 credit. They cannot tell me if that is the monthly credit or 1 time.  They also state there was an issue with my S20 Ultra trade in. But the phone was perfect and they even sent me email and gave me the $56 credit. The agent said they would look into it but could NOT assure me that my monthly bill would change.  But the monthly credit was because I was a Magenta Max+ user…. but they don’t know anything.

Very frustrating and they called me back after I gave them a bad rating via Text messages (feedback survey).

Wonder  if anyone else experience this….?





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