• 7 October 2023
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I called in with a billing concern. There was a wait but  !How Nice! they have a call-back feature so I didn't have to sit on hold for 30w.evMin. Love it!

I got a call back about 15min later. 

ROY took my call and she was SO Helpful, Kind AND Actually Listened to my concern (umm yeah how often does any of this happen in CS these days- like Never).  THANK YOU, ROY For taking care of me!

Then.. My GenX butt couldn't figure out where to write a nice review so I had to call back to ask for help finding where to go to do that. (lil embarrassing 😂 ) 

But! W.ev cuz ROSAL to the rescue!! She was SO Very helpful, and (bless her) Patient!  (I'm not easy, folks LOL)

I work in CS too. It's a tough job! And For these 2 ladies to be in such good spirits that I could literally hear the smile on their faces... yeah Great Job, Ladies and so Very much Appreciated!!

I'm glad to be a T-M customer for just this reason alone (well, the good cell service doesn't hurt too LOL)

Thanks again!


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