These 12 phone numbers are the most-used by scammers

  • 1 September 2023
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Here is an article by Consumers Affairs that provides 12 off the most used phone numbers used by scammers. I hope TM makes note of them and blocks them.


Here are the top 12 scam phone numbers

Here’s the list of BeenVerified’s Dirty Dozen phone numbers behind the biggest scam calls and texts it analyzed.

1. (865) 630-4266. Victims of this scam text message are warned that their Wells Fargo accounts have been temporarily locked and that they should call Wells Fargo as soon as possible.

2. (469) 709-7630. According to reports, either the user or a loved one was mentioned by name for a failed delivery attempt under this phone number.

3. (805) 637-7243. ”It appears that scammers may use the same number for a variety of scams,” BeenVerified’s associate director of Data Studies, Kevin Voigt, said. The two most prominent uses are from scammers claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House or from Visa’s fraud department. “Still more users reported this number for calls claiming that an unpaid bill may result in a freezing of their assets. Others reported calls from this number in both Spanish and Chinese,” 

4. (858) 605-9622. The scam text reads: (Bank name): ACCNT #5674 temporarily ON HOLD! Your security is our priority. Call now: (858) 605-9622 (Do Not Disregard!). Users reported this text-based scam from this number that namechecks a variety of brand name banks such as PNC, Chase, and Wells Fargo. 

5. (863) 532-7969. This “your debit card has been frozen” scam typically doesn’t mention a bank because, as Voight adroitly points out, “Who doesn’t have a debit card?”

6. (904) 495-2559. Next to alarming news, prize and lottery scams are the next largest group of golden fleecers. BeenVerified gave this as an example of what one looks like: “ATT Free Msg: Congrats to 2 lucky users! Today’s winners of our raffle are: Tim N***** and you, (Name)! Claim now.”

7. (312) 339-1227. Another dual-use number, this one pushes either weight loss or tracking a package. 

8. (917) 540-7996. This is the outlier in the Dirty Dozen because to the people who reported the number, it sounded like a spam call – “Hello, this is Ghostface. Where am I hiding?” – but it’s really just a marketing stunt for the latest “Scream” movie. 

9. (347) 437-1689. Another double-headed number used for both a small-dollar tax scam and a free Dyson vacuum. The BeenVerified Phone Scam Monitor reported a rise in this alleged scam, an update of an old script where fraudsters bait victims with false claims of big-ticket purchases on their accounts.

In this revised version, scammers claim that the target owes a small amount of unpaid taxes or outstanding charges – small enough (like a dollar or two) that the victim will click on a link to find out more. Of course, one click on that link and a world of hurt begins.

10. (301) 307-4601. This variation of the delivery scam claims to be from the US Postal Service and instructs users to click a link to view their package on hold.

11. (878) 877-1402. Similar to the “frozen debit card” scam, this phone number is notorious for sending out text messages personalized by adding the victim’s phone number. One BeenVerified user called the number and followed automated prompts until she was told to put in her bank PIN number. “I hung up,” she said. Smart move, lady. 

12. (202) 221-7923. If someone named “Kelsey” pings you about a student loan forgiveness deadline, don’t fall for it. She (or whoever Kelsey is) is just trying to leverage all the confusion that student loans have endured over the last couple of years. 


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