TMobile is billing us under two different account numbers, and we cannot access the first one.

  • 4 January 2022
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This is lunacy.  We were Sprint customers for two decades, and within one month of TMobile’s services, we are ready to leave.  I hope someone can help me.  I am currently on hold for the second hour-long wait today in an attempt to resolve this.

We had to open a new account at TMobile to get the military discount available for service members; the problem was that the store that helped us opened a TMobile account in my name first (spouse).   We paid off all devices before the switch (something TMobile says it is doing, but has not been offered to us), and then the account was moved to my husband’s name.

The problem now is that now we are receiving a bill from the account in my name, the one we closed out, and there is absolutely no way I can access the account.

I have tried to set up a TMobile ID with my phone number and a new email; however, TMobile keeps opening the account as the newer one.   There is no option to open the older account number.   There is no way to set up an account based on the old account ID.   The only thing we can do with the old account ID is pay on it as a guest.

If anyone has suggestions, I am up for them.

On a side note, this business with calling TMobile employees “experts” should be stopped.   My husband is a CBRN expert, and that is because he was in the field for 15 years and had numerous certifcations.   I have a degree in cybersecurity, and I am not yet considered an expert.  An expert can testify in a court of law regarding evidence in his or her (or their) field.   The employees who could not put a screensaver on my device straight after five attempts are not experts.  The employees who had to keep running back to the manager to answer simple account questions are not experts.   The employees who kept giving us different payoff amounts are not experts.   The fact that we have two open, overlapping accounts does not suggest experts set us up.

This whole experience has been an exercise in ineptitude.

Thank you.


EDIT:  After 40 minutes on hold, and then 15 minutes going over that the account is mine, and there should be no balance on it, even though there is a balance of over $700, I was just hung up on by another “expert.”  So I am going to call back and wait another 40 minutes to hopefully not be hung up on again.

I think we will be sending back our devices and going to another carrier. 

1 reply

We’re in a similar boat. we had just gotten our discounts ironed out with sprint as tenured customers for over 20 years and added a fourth line that was supposed to be free forever after 25$ activation, because it was a good deal for something we might want for my SO. My mom had submitted her form DD-214, they added the autopay discounts, senior for my GMA, loyalty, the whole nine. It took over a hundred bucks off of our bill, which was a relief.

then the switch was announced, and the fourth line , on its first billing cycle, cost 47$ or so. We spent hours getting that resolved with a refund and a guarantee it wouldn’t happen again, but then came the second, then the third month, and on the fourth we just canceled the line. Every month there’s a new issue with billing, device repair or replacement or software or other issues. Usually billing though. The last few months since the changeover completed, the issue is that my GMA is the primary account holder, but I pay the bill. I always kept track of the discounts and charges and services on the account, the leases on the devices, etc.  for two months it’s prompted me to ask for full access from the primary, but when I go to request it through their little notification form, all I get is a “wires crossed” message. My GMA hasn’t set up an id for T-Mobile and doesn’t want to and in fact refuses to point blank, because “you always take care of all that, I don’t need it, when do I look at it?” Also “you were able to do it through sprint so I don’t see why I have to be involved.” Yet T-Mobile won’t even TALK to me, I’ve been on the account as long as my family has and they refuse to even send a verification code to my number when talking about my device and my line exclusively. 
Tmo, I never thought to love sprint, but then, my situation never had YOU in comparison. The reps are at least eager to fix the issue and sound enthusiastic, even if not usually helpful - the last seven-hour-long chat I had with them, I ended up coming to the right conclusion with almost no input from the agent - but the policies are AWFUL. I shouldn’t have to talk to someone every month about my bill - and I should be able to have my bill in front of me when discussing it! Ridiculous!