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  • 30 May 2021
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This issue (re ability for TMobile Money function w Quicken) was originally raised over 1 YEAR AGO, and has yet to be accurately answered, much less resolved. 

For some unknown reason, the issue was marked, SOLVED - which is the farthest from the truth.

Would someone from TMOBILE please respond with a real answer, other than “check with another department”. What type of customer service team expect the paying customer to do the leg work for answering a question. This type of response is known as ‘customer -NO-service’, along with a few other terms that come to mind.

Would someone from T-Mobile PLEASE get involved with this urgent issue and provide timely resolution. Be sure to review T-Mobile’s response and pay special attention to the content highlighted in RED. 

I’ve copied the previous comments mentioned above and provided a link to this as well. 

UNRESOLVED Quicken Issue marked as SOLVED in error


T-Mobile Money
T-Mobile Money
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kbmtech121793First activity2 replies
Anyone else finds it annoying that we cannot download transaction history from T-Mobile Money?  Since T-Mobile blocks the Aggregators for Personal Capital, Quicken, Nerdwallet, Banktivity and Mint, it should at minimum allow it's customers to download a QFX, CSV or XLSX file.  We could then import the data into a program of our own choosing to manage our financial prospects. Every other financial institution I have ever dealt with offers transaction history downloads. Even T-Mobile offers a download of the phone call and text usage. So why not offer with T-Mobile Money? 

Valuable features and Great Customer Service is what keeps customers coming back. C'mon T-Mobile, get moving!

Best answer by tmo_mike_c
We hear what you're saying and we definitely want to help. This'll be something you'll want to bring up to our dedicated support line for T-Mobile MONEY. Please reach out using that link for help with your transaction history.

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bj_1284715First activity1 reply7 months ago
Agree!  I would really appreciate the ability to download my transactions to Quicken!

garywFirst activity2 replies4 months ago
Same here… Very annoying.   Quicken allows me to verify my accounts each day for anomalous and/or unexpected activity. 


Security issue not just convenience

grnealFirst activity1 reply3 months ago
When are they going to add the ability to use Personal Capital?

shortaruFirst activity1 reply2 months ago
It's really annoying that I can't import my data from T-Mobile Money into personal finance apps, especially when the actual bank AND it's parent company both allow apps to import transaction data from their accounts natively.

Customer Bank allows it.

BankMobile allows it (including at least 2 of their third party banking partners, similar to T-Mobile Money).

There is no reasonable excuse for T-Mobile to deny us this essential functionality.

My budget is upside down because I'm setting aside large amounts of money per month, but on paper (figuratively speaking), I'm broke.

djjstewFirst activity6 replies1 month ago
My 2 cents….

@tmo_mike_c this is not solved and the link you gave is essentially useless.
If they don’t want to allow Quicken to automatically link the at least allow a download.  Now that Money required 10 transactions to enjoy the higher interest rate that is 10 transactions we have to do by hand.  I understand why they did this so they can earn the fees on the transaction but wpita.
On T-Mobile main sign on you can ask for either email or text verification but on Money only text verification which his a bad thing (granted many of my other financial accounts have the same problem - the worse two factor option)  How about adding on of the authenticators?
The debit card need to be brought into the new century with contactless swipe for both security and health.  My other two banks have this so lets go Money lets do this.  I guess since this 10 transaction requirement is in effect will use google pay.

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No support for quicken with T-Mobile Money


June 2022 and it‘s still not done. 

T-Mobile Money is silent on connectivity with Quicken and Mint. The only reason I keep this account is for the 1% interest paid with 4% interest on the first $3000. It’s a royal pain every month to reconcile my T-Mobile Money account, so I use it to get the max interest and that’s it. 

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ATTN tmo_mike_c:


Would you check and provide any type of update available on this issue. 

Now that it’s been 2 years since the first posts were made regarding this critical issue,  hopefully there’s new information that can be shared regarding T-Mobile’s progress!

In addition, it’s not hard to notice most of your customers on this thread have never had a response from anyone @ T-Mobile.


Hope to hear great feedback from you soon!


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Critical service for anyone operating in the last couple of decades. Downloading transaction files should be fairly easy from a data POV. We need these integration options for common platforms in order to take Money seriously.

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Basically, I wouldn’t mind giving T-Mobile my banking business. Except that the lack of Quicken integration, of any kind, is a show-stopper. Period.

Quicken has, basically, three ways of operating:

  1. Simplest: Download .csv files or similar (there’s an interchange format) that allows dumping transactions into the register.
  2. Bit more complex: There’s a Web-Connect that does the same thing, but it can be initiated by the user, so that multiple accounts at multiple financial institutions can get transactions downloaded.
  3. Direct Connect: Highly secure, Quicken’s servers talk to the financial institution’s servers. Faster than web-connect. As an added bonus, those banks that pay for the privilege can also pay bills this way, avoiding the ad-laden, cookie-laden, privacy-stealing method of paying for bills directly on a financial institution’s own web site.

Thing is: It’s not just banks that do this. So do major mutual funds, brokerage houses, and other financial institutions. Heck, the 401K plan at work has Quicken integration!

T-Mobile’s banking attempt, as currently constituted, high interest rates or no, show that they’re running a tricycle in a Indy 500 race car world. Catch up, T-Mobile! Dig out that spokes lady of yours that used to run around on her motorcycle!

Any update?

Guess still no reply. 

100% agree.  Would love to understand from T-Mobile as well how this is planned to be rectified.