Tmobile stole my phone

  • 6 August 2023
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I have contacted T-Mobile six times in the past 5 months and they either ignore me, tell me they are working on it, or just send me to someone else who is a “manager”.  I’m going to lay out how they stole my phone as a last resort before I transfer all my numbers and just take them to small claims court.

Basically I called to get two new iPhone and trade in my two old ones.  They lost one phone in transit, put the phone I received on the wrong line, took my trade in phone and then never gave me the credit.  Give me BS responses every time I call or just send me into the blackhole waiting line.

  1.  I called T-Mobile to upgrade two of my lines to the Iphone 14 max.  During the call I told them what lines to upgrade and chose TWO different colors based on the line, purple and gold.  Everything seemed fine and the CSR repeated back what I wanted and which lines had which color iPhone.
  2. Somehow in transit one of the phone got lost and never showed up.  Ok fine I contacted T-Mobile and they cancelled the phone and made a claim with UPS or FEDEX, whoever was delivering the phone.
  3. I received the one phone, transferred the SIM, and everything got updated on my account.  Ok and here is where the first issue arose.  They got the phones backwards somehow after I explicitly told them which phone to put on which line.  I received the “purple” iPhone, the “gold” one never showed up, and put it on the correct line per my instruction to the CSR.  But the CSR incompetently switched the phones to the wrong lines, so I then put the iPhone I received on the wrong line, and here is where the incompetence of T-Mobile is now on full display.
  4. I took the trade in iPhone to the T-Mobile store and gave it to them.  I received the paperwork confirming that I traded it in.  I still have this paperwork.  About a month later my credit dropped off.  I called T-Mobile and they said they have no record of me trading in the phone and that the new iphone I put on the line was the wrong line.  Now I’m furious.  They tell me they need the IMEI number to look it up. I DON’T HAVE THE PHONE!!!   Of course the CRS transfers me to a “manager” who says she will fix it and call me back.  Guess what never happened.
  5. I go back to the T-Mobile store and they confirm they received and send the phone back to T-Mobile and print me off the paperwork again.  I call T-Mobile several more times with the same “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude and lies about transferring me to a “manager” or just hang up on me.
  6. They keep telling me I put the new iPhone on the wrong line and turned in the wrong phone, but they have no record of receiving the phone and keep asking e for the IMEI number and keep telling me they will call me back with a resolution.  I have never heard back from anyone.  Again I have the paperwork to prove I sent in the phone.

T-Mobile is now a garbage carrier like the rest now, so no point in staying with them.

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