Trade-in offer costed me more?

  • 27 November 2021
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To provide you with some background, I dont trade in my phone unless it’s like an insane deal. I saw a deal on May 8, 2021 that looked something like this: 

T-Mobile is offering their iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max with Up To $830 Off (via 24 Monthly Bill Credits) with a Qualifying Device Trade-In.



Available Phones (prices before applicable trade-ins or bill credits):

Eligible Device Trade-in Value (must be in good condition):

  • Get up to $830 off:
    • Apple: iPhone 11, XS, XR, X, 8  


I was had and iPhone 11 at the time and saw that I pretty much… don’t have to pay like anything other than possibly activation and what not.  That same day, I went to the Tmobile store downstairs from me and spoke w/ sales rep and I asked him at the start, do I have to pay anything today or over the next few months? and he said “you don’t have to pay anything with this trade-in”. I was like… this is awesome, I’m about to walk out with a 1:1 trade-in. So after ringing everything up at the register, the I offered to pay ANYTHING that same day and the rep  said I didn’t have any outstanding charges and even said that I could get a new case with it. I have my new phone now and I didn’t even have to pay a thing. 


First bill that came after was $8.54 more. Then the next and the next and all the bills after. The only difference I see on the bill? Under “Equipment” it says I received T574 2021 Apple Trade P6 of $26.05. These numbers and codes are gibberish to the average consumer and where are these numbers even coming from?  


I contacted support after a couple months after realizing this will be reoccuring for god knows how long… I attached the customer support’s response when I asked them to clarify the charges: 


WHERE ARE THESE NUMBERS COMING FROM? The receipt I received said NOTHING about any of these. I fail to comprehend what this customer support is trying to explain. Nothing about these things were written anywhere a customer could see. I understood that I would have possibly received monthly credits but I also had offered to pay upfront any future charges. EITHER WAY, $830 trade-in credit? Nope. According to this customer rep, I owe a lot more and the reoccuring +$8.54 lasts for 24-months. This is absurd. 

Please correct me if I am interpreting the deal in error. Even if the deal was executed in this way, the sales rep shouldn’t have denied any additional charges and could have at least explained these things to me when I had asked???????? 

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“Up to” X doesn’t mean X. It means “not more than” X. You need to read the offer to be sure that it doesn’t say, “Combined trade-in and bill credits.” I took an offer to trade in my OnePlus 7T for an 8T and I was only given $200 and change for the 7T, The rest is in the form of bill credits each month for two years. It worked out that I’m only paying sales tax on the 8T but the pay-off is over two years. That’s how T-Mobile works these deals. They want you tied in for 2 years.


I am aware they said “up to” and I clarified it with the employee and he said i would $830 for the trade-in. He verbally stated that himself. So i tried understanding cust supp message again and $205 appeared to pay off two previous months’ bills? And $624.99 was supposed to be paid out over next 24 months…. I mean both adds up to $830 so why am i ultimately paying more still? It’s going to be $8.54x24months extra … am i missing something here?