Transfered daughters line to her own account. Equipment charges are still on my bill


In December, my 20 year old daughter, who was on my account, got her own account with T-mobile. Transferred her line and phone to her new account.  What should have happened is that the equipment charges should have followed her phone to the new account.  Instead, the equipment charge for her phone stayed on my account.  To make matters worse, the same day she set up her new account, they upgraded her phone to a new IPhone and took custody of the phone yet the balance for this phone is still on my bill.  


I’ve called customer service multiple times to have the issue resolved.  the last time I got a supervisor on the line, (who was clearly in another country) and they assured me the issue would be resolved.  

I’m really feeling like I’ll have to sue these guys to get reconciliation on this.  There was over $500 owed on this phone when it was transferred back in December.  

Aside from me suing these guys, are there any other alternatives I can employ here?


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