Unable to set myself as the primary account holder

  • 21 November 2021
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T-mobile is the bane of my existence. It says my primary account holder is missing and I AM UNABLE TO REGISTER AS THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER. I am going to call you everyday and have a fight about this everyday and try everything in my power to port of your disrespectful service. Release my phone number out of this stupid family plan. How useless can a company be? That is my question.

8 replies

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I know this isn't what you want to hear but the PAH actually has ownership over your line and the number can't be ported without their consent. It's this way with any carrier.

When I took over my wife's nieces line she had to relinquish the line to me since I was the PAH.


They need to have a way to bypass this in some way. The PAH moved to Dubai, is not using her line and hasn’t been paying the bills over the past 2 years. My card with my name is being used. There should be a way to bypass this if the PAH is not reachable and is not the one who is paying the bills. So.. again useless business

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Unfortunately a COR needs to be done. With all the problems with numbers being ported out falsely Tmobile has clamped down.


You can try using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support.


If I read it correctly (from the COR link you included in your reply), it seems like I would still need the PAH which I already said is MIA and it is also not a business account. Funny thing is after leaving this question here they are calling me back again with no resolution. I finally said call the PAH in Dubai all yourself all you want and I will call you everyday if I have to till you resolve this. I am also reporting them to the business bureau. They should just be not stupid and check the card used to pay the bills and get a clue. 

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The Better Business Burea, FCC or any other agency won't help you since Tmobile is going by the guidelines set by Tmobile.

Good luck but your only recourse is to get the PAH to transfer the account but since that's not possible you're going to have stop paying the bills and open a new account with a new number.

Since the account is not in your name the PAH will be on the hook.

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You need to understand just because you pay the bill you are not the PAH. Their permission is needed to make changes to the account, if not any Tom Flick or Harry could make changes to someone's account. Would you want this to happen if you were the PAH on a account? I think not. Why not just stop paying that account and open your own so you are the PAH?

This is ridiculous. I am the ONLY account holder and I am the only one who pays: I have never had to use a PIN to do anything with this account.  My SSN is the ONLY one who pays my account… the website and the customer service are terrible.  I never had these issues with Sprint - the most issues have occurred since the switch. 

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