Unknown phone number in text usage history

  • 7 February 2019
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I’m looking at my text history on the app and it shows phone numbers I have not texted before. It shows incoming and outgoing messages to this number. When I call the number, no one answers. It is showing texts going out and coming in when I am not using phone.


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9 replies

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Have you tried googling the phone number?

There are a number of apps that text out / intercept texts to "check in" or query something.  There's a high possibility you have one of them installed.

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If you are using an iPhone.  This has been a known issue in the past. 

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That is odd! What is the number that you are seeing in the logs? Is it a normal 10 digit number or is it like a short code?

I have noticed this for the last 2 months. JAN 10 & FEB 10 

the same number as text messages & phone calls on all 3 of my phone lines

at the same time & same date. BTW I have 2 Android phones & 1 Apple so its not dependent on that

I call TMOBILE and they cant see anything. Strangely to my JAN 10th bill is not accessible

The number is not a working number, but you can see somehow someone is using TMOBILE to

make it happen. Look at my screen shots and see if this is happening to you

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I Googled that number and it all shows up as Vica Express Corp - Irvington, NJ. The fact that there were so many and they have different locations is super odd. Please call us when you have a chance so or team of experts folks can get a support ticket opened up for this.

I have text messages that I didnt text in my call log how is that possibel

You can search the phone number at to find out the owner of the number.

I have text messages that I didnt text in my call log how is that possibel


Only my husband's line does that also but they show they are text from his contacts like a possible scrambler on his or someone else's end however I've been sitting right with him and no incoming 9r out going texts for hours but shows up on the bill as there was. I also need help with this and the time zone the phone in.

Can I get an update on if this was ever resolved? Why did it happen in the first place?


I'm very worried and don’t want to confront my family…