"Update Operation Failed" when trying to enable 4K UHD video after upgrading to Magenta Max

  • 30 April 2023
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I have been trying to enable 4K UHD via my Profile Settings on the T-mobile website as well as through the mobile app. Every time I turn the "4K UHD Video" toggle on, I get a pop-up error: "Update Operation Failed". This is after my account was just upgraded from T-Mobile One to Magenta Max.

The account previously had the HD Pass enabled. I have read elesewhere from people with a similar issue that this may be the cause. The solution seems to be to have T-Mobile support remove the HD pass from this line (that I couldn't remove via web or T-Mobile app after upgrade to Magenta MAX) and then add 4K UHD on this line.

2 replies

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I had the same issue.  I called Customer Care at 611 and explained the issue.  They enabled it for me. 

Even though you might have just upgraded to Magenta Max.  The plan will not kick in until the start of your next billing cycle.  The toggle still didn't work for me after my plan rolled over, which is why I called Customer Care.  You could also reach out to T-Mobile via Facebook or Twitter by DM'ing them and explaining the issue.  They should be able to correct it just as easily.

Went from MM to Go5G and was able to enable it on all lines except one and the support person was clueless. Thought it was an app thing, a phone thing (got Samsung on the line). I said it is not an app or phone setting it is an account setting through your portal. They were totally clueless. Found this article and asked if they could enable it.  They were getting the same, but should provision in a day.  Hmmm...