We were scammed by the sales team

  • 9 April 2024
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On Feb 3rd 2024 we were offered a promotion to have a $830 discount on each of two equipments an IPhone 15 and on an IPhone 15 pro.This  would render the IPhone 15 for free and the pro for less than $200, which would be payed through a $6/mo charge in our $90 plan. When we started receiving the bills, both Iphones are being charged on their full price, when we contacted support they said we would have to move to a $146 plan to have that promotion. Now we already sent our old phones and received the new ones and they don’t give us an option of returning these, getting ours back and terminate our contract. We have prints of the chat with them where the offer was made and they did investigate the chats so they know that we were lied to (yes, this was confirmed by their customer service over the phone) and still didn’t try to fix the issue, which takes the “mistake” explanation out of the question. We’re trying to see which is the quicker way of getting out of T-Mobile to another carrier.

Watch out when they offer you a promotion, they flat out lie to get you signed in.

1 reply

I had a similar experience in the Chandler store. In fact, the person who sold my phone made a quick exit and I didn’t even get information on any of the features. I will never go to a T-Mobile store to purchase a phone again I will always go to the Apple Store. This iPhone 15 was supposed to be part of a promotion but I’m also having the magenta plan and now I’m paying $20 a month to pay for this phone that I really didn’t want in the first place. I don’t know what the situation is with stores that might be individually franchise, but T-Mobile needs to get a handle on this because there’s a class action lawsuit ready to be made here. When we call customer service for support, they say that it wasn’t part of what they were offering.

I’ve had individual T-Mobile stores close, And one location told me that they could not accept the 5GInternet cube, to be returned there because they’re not part of the national T-Mobile system. So where do consumers find consistency with the T-Mobile messaging?



The T-Mobile store Post Rd Norwalk Connecticut offered excellent customer service, but unfortunately, those that are operating individual franchises, maybe quick to make the sale and then consumers are paying the price. I’ve already filed a complaint. With Apple.