What is a "payment support fee"??

  • 26 October 2021
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I have been charged $10 (one time as it described). What da hell is it?

4 replies

That's crazy. I was charged the 10.00 too. I didn't upgrade either. Guess made mistake of calling customer service. Don't won't happen again.

It's not just for upgrades. They charge for using the customer service support. I've called numerous times in past,  for different things such as help with payment arrangement,  and they charge $10 for all of it. It was over 6 months before I noticed. 


Interesting… I did not ask for any upgrades, I just wanted to restore my setting including the auto-pay. And they have charged 10 bucks. Wow...

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It's a charge if you if you went to a store or called support to upgrade you'recharged a fee to upgrade.