where can i file a complaint agaisnt the employees of the the prepaid departmemt ?

  • 25 May 2022
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The employees of the prepaid department do not seem to have a department watching over their interactions with customers. Every interaction with them is a struggle or a game. It feels like there is no one monitoring how they treat customers. They are free to lie, not provide service, put account security in jeopardy and so on and so forth. 

I tried filing a complaint, over the phone,  with one of the alleged supervisors about a bad experience with some of the employees and the supervisor told me that although she filed the complaint, there is no reference number for the complaint that she could offer me. It did not make sense and it felt like she lied to me. I asked for any other way to find the complaint if not with a reference number, she told me there was no other way. It felt like she did not truly filed the complaint since she would not give me a way to go back to the case. 

Please tell me of an email or a non outsourced department that handles complaints from customers. If there is a quality insurance department overseeing them, that department is not doing overseeing them. 

2 replies

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