why doesn't T-mobile comply with CTIA code?

  • 2 December 2023
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After my one year uphill battle with T-Mobile customer service, I have decided to contact someone at the corporate office. While trying to find out who to contact concerning all the lies I was told to get me to switch carriers I found a document from CTIA called "Consumer Code for Wireless Service and saw that in my experience with T-MOBILE they violated everything in code 1 through 7 and possibly code 12 yey I'm expected to keep paying my constantly increasing bill for a duration of 2 years for a contract that I unknowingly entered into by one if their lying sales representatives. Code one states that T-MOBILE is to disclose to the consumer" if a fixed-term contract is required and it's duration". I was just told one of my lines gets a free phone. I was also lied to about having service. When I gave the sales rep an address that I spend half the week at I was told "yes! That area has excellent 5G service" . I do not have any service at all in that area or 80% of my drive to that area. This is a violation of code 2.  It was several months later after me calling atleast once a week (sometimes more depending if I had service or not) that it was confirmed by customer service that there is no service in that area but I wS in a 2 year contract and since I didn't cancel within 14 days of signing up I am stuck unless I come up with approximately $1000 to pay for the phone. They wouldn't even let me return the phone to get out of the contract. I've never seen this contract. Everything was done over the phone and the liar didn't disclose that information. I wonder if the contract states that T-MOBILE has to provide service for that contract to be valid? I was told lie after lie for months about not having service and I wonder if customer service is coached into telling these lies because I was either told the towers were down until Feb 17 and, ironically, they just so happened to be down in every town I had to drive through. After Feb 17 came and went and I still had no service I was told work began on the towers Feb 17 or I was told (after giving the address) I don't know why you can't use your phone, we are showing excellent 5g coverage in that are. Lie, lie, lie. To add insult to injury, I was told I'd receive a discount because I told the sales rep I was a nurse. I even questioned him saying " nobody ever recognizes nurse and gives us discounts" and his exact words were "well here at T-MOBILE we do". LIE.. I sent in my nursing license verification and for several months I paid around $150 for 3 lines and home internet then my bill shot up to well over $200 and I was told "sorry, nursed do not get discounted rates" and when I'd tell him what I was told they would honor the price I was quotes and they would, until the next bill. My phone bill continues to increase even after dropping a line. I wasn't receiving a discount for 3 lines so it should've gone down but it went up. My bill increased prior to canceling the line which T-Mobile is supposed to tell you about changes in your bill to allow you to cancel. They also violated code 5 which is about disclosures in their advertising. I did the "Keep and switch" and wasn't told I only had 39 days from the day I sign up. Now mind you, the clock starts ticking before you receive new sim cards and before the previous carrier unlocks your phone after you pay it off then it takes a few months to get reimbursed with an online visa that nobody accepts. My question is why am I held accountable and TMobile is not. I am paying a now high price for a service I am not provided. I feel like if I am locked in a contract with them that I was unaware of they should at the very least honor the price I was promised and I feel like when the line was canceled my bill should've decreased further but all I get when I call is "I'm sorry you don't have service". One guy said "atleast you have service half the week"!!!!! I try to get the word out as much as I can about T-MOBILE and their dishonest business practices. I hope to get relief through arbitration or possibly the FCC.

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One more thing. Their home internet is awful. You can not stay connected to stream and your security cameras and home alarms won't stay connected so they are useless. I had everything stolen from me in July and since my cameras wouldn't stay connected, my cameras didn't show anything.