Why is tmobile the only phone service blocking premium text?

  • 21 January 2021
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why out of these phone services that the phones you sell is premium text denied? it was nit with sprint ? so get this as I figured out they have it blocked on their end so you will call and purchase new phones. Service access denied even for veterans that cannot verify accounts, to bypass this please download google voice and change all your accounts to your google number. AKA voip, tmobile i also fouund out is the only phone carrier that does this so that when you do call they will offer you to spend about 700 on a new phone upgrade. no other company just disables this, sprint even had it enabled til they merged, its all a call away from giving them alot of money ,, we did a story on this on our radio station and as a veteran military no one can ever use their tmobile number to verifuy their accounts to send codes so that you can access your online banks vetrans accounts, go to verizon, i wish i did but after this year i will be done with their asses. If you dont believe me than call… see if they dont offer or add more to your bill with tmobile, no one charges for third party access anymore, its to make sure its you that you logged in and can you believe these idiots are saying they charge?

3 replies

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I like your sense of outrage.  I think more people should be upset with how we are treated by our tech companies.  I have to admit I did not understand everything you said, or all the finer points, but I do not think you would be complaining without a reason.   Can you provide more details ?


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Short codes need to be enabled on your account.  As much as short codes are useful, they can also be used for spamming.  Prepaid accounts not able to use certain short code 2FA’s because there is no way to verify the person using the service is who they claim to be.  With postpaid accounts, there is usually a Social linked to the account, allowing 2FA for things like the IRS and banks to ensure the person getting the 2FA is who it is intended for.  

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thank you, Syaoran, for providing such a cogent answer.  and there i was, thinking the worse again, without having any real knowledge, so I remain a dull blade.  and a dull blade is dangerous.

restricting short codes is certainly a good thing then...T-mo prob does quite a few things right...I’m just aggravated in general,,,I think their website is clunky and unintuitive, as is the structure of this forum.  But I come from the typewriter age and one black phone in the house era.(and Roman numerals)...  Our current era demands a rugged self-reliance, a willingness to be learning all the time, and does seem to me to have too many variables, too many moving parts.

also did I mention I am simple minded, or it might be that everything around us seems to be getting vastly more complicated a lot faster than I can handle.  I have high hopes for T-mo.  They seem to be doing a lot of the right things, but I wish they would be more transparent, maybe provide more tutorials.

Really appreciate your expertise and your kindness in giving so many excellent answers and sharing your knowledge with the community.  It helps a lot. thanks again….