Will a 4G phone work on the Magenta Max plans ?


Considering upgrading plan to Magenta Max 55+.  Not much difference in price, but a couple of additional features for about same I’m paying now.

I want to know if our existing 4G phones will still work.  Or, does the Magenta Max plan require a 5G phone?  I know to use 5G I need a 5G phone.  But, I’m trying to wait to look at a couple of the next gen phones being released this fall.  And, for one of our lines we don’t really need or want a new phone.

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4G should not matter, but best confirm with TMobile since you are getting a special rate. iPhones didn’t even support 5G until iPhone 12 so tons of earlier iPhone users out there. However, be on the lookout for special trade in deals for switching to Magenta Max. They regularly offer 2x trade in value.

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double check to make sure your 4G phones have VoLTE (Voice over LTE) capabilities..if it doesnt here before to long they will be shutting down 3G which means you wont be able to make calls. if its VoLTE capable you’ll be fine.


Thanks for the replies.  

VoLTE is not a problem.  Made sure of that last time we upgraded phones.

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It works on my 55+ plan.

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Hey @Juliant! The MAX plans have some pretty amazing extra features. The benefits can absolutely be used on 4G and LTE devices. Cali Cat makes a great point and we do have a variety of offers regularly throughout the year. You can always change your plan AND see all the deals we have by shopping on