Will I lose promotional device credits if the phone number originally assigned to the device was changed due to porting or a change in responsibility

  • 13 April 2024
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For the past year, I have had a T-Mobile Magenta Max Military family plan with 6 voice lines associated with 6 devices all being paid off with promotional credits.  One of these 6 devices, a Samsung Galaxy S23, was intended for my personal use, but since most people contact me using a business phone provided to me by the company I work for, I rarely used the Samsung Galaxy S23. 

I recently left this company and they allowed me to retain that business phone number via a change in responsibility to “port” that number to my personal Samsung Galaxy S23.  I contacted T-Mobile and was told they could change the number on my Samsung Galaxy S23 from the number it was originally assigned to the number ported from my previous company and there would be no change in my monthly billing.  Although I generically use the term “Porting”, I’m told this is actually a “change in responsibility” since company business phone was also on T-Mobile.  a job which provided a business line paid by the company.

The change in responsibility was apparently successful since I can make and receive phone calls and texts on my Samsung Galaxy S23 with the “ported” number.  HOWEVER, when I look at my bills, I see I am now being charged for 7 voice lines even though I have only 6 devices for an extra $30/month.  I’ve contacted T-Mobile numerous times and I’m now told that the promotional device credits are linked to the phone number I was originally assigned to that device and if I remove that from my account, I will lose all future device credits for the Samsung Galaxy S23.

I noticed on a T-Mobile community related to 2023 Promotional Credits that someone said a change in responsibility will NOT affect promotional device credits.  Can anyone confirm that is the case and what I need to do to convince T-Mobile.

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