Best bang for your buck "Super Fast Charger" for a new Samsung phone

  • 16 November 2023
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Just got my elderly Mom a new phone but it didn't come with a super fast charger. Are there relatively good quality fast chargers out there? 

Id appreciate any suggestions including where to buy.

Prefer to just go pick one up instead of waiting for an online purchase.




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6 replies

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most of mine i grab from Amazon (for the life of me i cant think of who theyre from)..Amazon has some pretty decent options in there..just make sure to go through the comments and see what others have seen.


while at it you might opt to look into extra cords as well..especially with combos of 6’ cords and shorter ones..those 6’+ cables are amazing for those “charging while on the couch and no longer have to do the lean to charge/use the phone” scenarios.


Thanks so much! My mom actually has a bunch of old cables but none with the new smaller USB C ends. Ill have to look into getting her longer ones. 



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that and a charging stand is always a nice grab. can be a fast charger as well. the one i use keeps the phone upright so i can see the time etc..good nightstand addition and she wont have to deal with a cord in the dark.


Good idea….thanks

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I always liked the Anker product.

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thats what i get..just couldnt remember the name of them...knew it started with an A but kept going back to Alcatel which i knew was drastically wrong lol.


i use their chargers and cables.