bluetooth activation messes up smartview tv mirroring

  • 28 November 2023
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im having issues with my home internet wifi only when i use my smartview mirroring to the tv from my phone to watch movies....weveything runs fine until i connect my bluetooth earbuds so i can listen to the movie being synced on my tv quietly due to roommates...its only been happening foe the last three days...ive tried resetting my wifi and bluetooth network settings and restarting the router as well....ive even went got new home router som catd as instructed by the tmobile tech support people ..all this ro no avail....what is happening?...i have a samsung s23 ultra phone and samsung tv.....any aid on a setting im not aware of i may have pressed.....idk...the moviee is all " choppy" as it plays on the tv but the phone screen is fine...the second i disconnect my bluetooth earbuds it runs smooth as ice on the tv....ive even metered any changes in data while i made the the ear buds bluetooth go on and off thinking maybe it was putting a memory tax on the change in that i said ...any aid would be greatly appreciated..

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