Disable Revvl Start-up Sound?

  • 28 February 2018
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I like the T-Mo jingle as much as the next guy, but is there anyway to shut off the start-up jingle when you turn a Revvl on? I can't find any setting for it.

If there isn't, maybe this is something T-Mo could add in a future update?


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14 replies

Turn the volume all the way down before restarting or powering it off.

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There is no way to actually turn off the boot up jingle. Like mentioned before your best bet is to turn off the audio before a reboot.

This is the most annoying thing that t-mobile phones have.

There is not always the chance to turn off the audio before restart or turning on the phone, like when the device runs out of battery.

I need to turn on my phone without disturbing people's rest time or whatever.

The jingle has to be removed from the boot process !! it serves no purpose ! Go advertise somewhere else !

Agreed! Super annoying! Just woke somebody up because the stupid thing went off!

Absolutely you can kill it.  Download the app "silent boot" and select to quiet all startup sounds.

I opted by muting the "system" volume.  Go to settings, "sounds and vibration", "volume" and lower the bar until it's muted.

Plug something into the audio jack.

The jingle is very disturbing when I reboot the phone. Seeing the logo is fine. There is no reason for playing the what is becoming an irritating sound.

I couldn't agree more. I very much resent that T-Mobile which likes to portray itself as "The Cool Guys" mobile phone company are actually nothing but a bunch of tight-ass control freaks. If customers want or need to turn off that very loud and identifiable sound, a sound that informs everyone a quarter mile away that someone has just turned in their T-Mobile phone, due to concerns about disturbing others or others knowing they're now using their mobile phone, then they should have the option to turn it off. I'm also ticked off that T-Mobile, the tight-ass control freaks will not permit signed-in members of this website comment unless they also accept all of their cookies. Control freaks pretending to be cool hipsters.

Before turning off my phone I set the sound to mute.  The jingle still sounded at restart.  I have a Note 10 not a Revvl. T-Mobile, please read these complaints and take action.

This is a 3 year old post. WTF T-mobile? Can't fix this issue or you won't fix this issue. I challenge anyone from the T-mobile staff to answer the question as to why your customers don't have the option to turn this off. Are you simply waiting for someone to be killed in a home invasion or hostage situation before allowing your paying customers to have the option? Or is it something even more sinister; you don't want anyone to turn off their cellphone so you can monitor their every action or inaction? As in Creepy Digital Stalker......

From a public relations stand point T-Mobile would be wise to address this problem. This jingle causes many problems for people and the problem needs to be addresses or it will affect your image and potential customers. Please give us a way to silence or remove this advertisement. We are already your customers so this is just sadistic to force this upon us.


Seriously, WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN RECTIFIED T-MOBILE! Disable the start-up tones. They're unnecessary, annoying, intrusive, unwanted…

Fwiw, I did mute the System volume and no more jingle on reboot. But we shouldn't have to do that!

Wake up T-mobile and fix this simple request. Customers are ready to bolt.