Galaxy A42 G5

  • 17 March 2023
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My phone will use 4G or 5G. Which one my phone is using it shows up in upper right hand corner of my screen.

For some reason neither 4G or 5G show up on my screen, WHY?



Henry Bernstein

3 replies

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if the other device isnt the same one and seeing the same issues then its pointing at network.



however...was this phone purchased from TMO or V?


Yes, another phone has the same thing, no 4G or 5G on screen.

No, I have not tried to fix anything on my phone.

I called T-Mobile in Millsboro, DE. and asked if anything in recent updates changed anything on screens.

Reply was: some changes were made to the screen. I have no way to verify if Verizon Wireless had the same thing happen to them. I am in an area where we have both 4G & 5G. I am in the 5G area so I assume I'm on 5G that is where I was when 5G was visible on screen.




I have a GALAXY A42 5G.

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are there any other TMO phones around you? and if so are they showing 5G or 4G or nothing like yours? have you attempted anything on your end to try and fix it? restart the phone? is this happening everywhere you go or only in one specific place?