latest update android 13 on samsung A32 5G

  • 1 March 2023
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I just got the update a few days ago to 13.  I hate it.  My talk to text barely works now, which I use a ton. I used to be able to hit the microphone and it would transcribe my talking.  Now it cuts out every few seconds. My texts used to pop open the screen.  It not longer does that. Now my phone only dings with any notification.  I checked my notifications & app settings for messages and all seems fine.  Does anyone have any suggestions, please???

2 replies

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Unfortunately, Android 12 and Android 13 have been big steps backwards compared to Android 11.  It is always recommended to do a full factory reset after a major update.  Have you tried that?  After a factory reset, do not restore any backups outside of your Google Contacts to make sure everything is starting fresh.   

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also make sure all of your apps are updated to be compatible with 13. could also be the problem.