Lg G8 android 12

  • 29 July 2022
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When will android 12 update for Lg G8 device

7 replies

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I read the international versions were getting it now but not sure of the US version.

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I wouldn't e oect it for any US models.  If it does eventually rollout though to US devices.  Consider yourself lucky.  

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This is where I read about the update.

LG G8 Update

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the G8 has received 2 large OS updates that i can remember already. at this point i doubt it’ll get a 3rd..European devices perhaps but i highly doubt the U.S variant will get it.

US Verizon rolled out update in September.

Hopefully TMo will follow suite.

mine got upgraded to android 12 yesterday. quite unexpected..

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My Sprint LG G8 hasn't received it.