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New OnePlus N200 5G!

  • 15 June 2021
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New OnePlus N200 5G!
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OnePlus brings the best blend of affordability and features you love, with their latest device. The next in the N-series is taking features within the family another step further.

More than One(+) reasons

The OnePlus N200 5G’s 1080 x 2400 Full HD+ screen behind Gorilla Glass gives you a beautiful and solid display. Take advantage of photo ops with the 13MP rear-facing camera, and show off your photography skills. With a 16MP front-facing camera, you can take epic selfies anytime you want. Share your awesome pics and videos with friends using Near Field Communication (NFC) with their compatible device. Share your pics on social faster than ever with the N200’s 5G capability anywhere you’re connected to T-Mobile’s 5G network.

Key features

6.49” FHD+ Display

16MP FF camera

Fast Charging

32GB Internal storage

NFC capable

5G capable

Get Yours

The OnePlus N200 5G is available for T-Mobile and Metro PCS customers on June 25, 2021. You can talk about it here in the comment section below. This device will be available in Quantum Blue. Pick up your new device at any of our T-Mobile retail stores, online, and through the T-Mobile app and over the phone if you contact us.

Device information provided by the manufacturer. 5G: Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. While 5G access won't require a certain plan or feature, some uses/services might. See Coverage details, Terms and Conditions, and Open Internet information for network management details (like video optimization) at

7 replies

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love t mobile, but i learned the hard way that it is far better to buy the unlocked versions.

much faster updates , and you can avoid poorly written carrier alterations to software. 

plus, you have much greater choice of colors.

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I have a locked Pixel 4XL through Tmobile and I get timely updates through Google. Reading these forums if you want updates Pixel is the way to go. I'm using android S aka 12.

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I’d personally say stick with the T-Mobile branded one.  OnePlus has some software QC issues (see their community forums).  After 15 days, you’re stuck.  If you get a bad patch (eg. Android 10 to 11), you’ll be stuck with them and it, and not much chance of a fix.

With T-Mobile, you can send it back as factory defect (eg. Android 10 to 11 broke bluetooth on my vehicle - didn’t get the update until end of Jan, had device since Nov).  T-Mobile stopped billing me after the 3rd warranty exchange.   OnePlus (now July) still doesn’t have a fix, and blames my vehicle.  (Why did all 3 work on Android 10 then ?)

Been there, done that!!! Good luck………….because you will certainly need it. If Verizon was fair, I would still be there

I upgraded from a MotoZPlay running Oreo 8.0 so you already see that this upgrade to android 11 has blown my mind but I also miss some of the features that Motorola baked into the android OS like the gesture based commands by waving your hand and flicking your wrist you were able to command the phone without speaking just motion.  I am curious to know if One Plus will consider using some of these tactics to differentiate the device from the competition much better by baking some awesome features like this in the feature.

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Hey @GoliathMV and thanks for posting.

I can’t speak for OnePlus, but I think all manufacturers consider what others are doing and look for ways to innovate and improve tech. That’s a cool feature, but we’ll have wait and see if something like that is created with a software update, or on a new OnePlus model.

I tried 3 times to get the N200, each time there was an issue. First time I tried, I was told it was on backorder. I placed my order and even it came time to ship, my card was declined. I was notified by email that my order had been cancelled. 2nd time, I was told that the N200 was available and ready to ship. I was not supposed to be charged for shipping or the upgrade fee. Another issue showed its ugly face. 3rd times a charm right? Wrong! The N200 was once again on backorder. I ended up with the N10 that doesn't do anything but freezes up. I am so frustrated and fed up with this dang phone. A $300 cell phone shouldn't suck! Now I'm stuck with a device that I didn't want but ended up getting because I could not get the one I wanted.