OnePlus 10 update on 10 March

  • 14 March 2023
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Is there a way I can go back to my old settings. There was a forced update everyting changed and now I have a phone that makes no sense. The font to small but in apps it is too large. By icons on home screen so tiny even at large setting. The view is aweful, its either to dark I can’t get that to work right. Why do they change everyting that makes no sense.

1 reply

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Kind of.  You can MSM Tool back to earlier firmware but it will cometely wipe your device.  It will try to update again.  If you go back, make sure you disable automatic updates on the Developer Options.  

A lot of people have been unhappy with the changes Android 12 and 13 have made.  Some of those changes are steps backwards for the OS, including removing features that people have relied on for years.  Unfortunately, Google does this for more or less change not not so much as for the better.  If Android still looked and worked the same as it did a decade ago.  People would criticize the platform for a lack of innovation.  Android 14 probably won't be much of, if any improvement as well.