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I’ve been with T Mobile for 5 plus years all paid up. I’m switching over to another carrier and my phone was locked. For 3 days now I’ve gotten the run around on getting my phone unlocked. Everyone I spoke to came up with a story. Since both phone lines Were cancelled I had to go to one of their locations in Morris Il. To show proof of identity. He was on the phone with T Mobile “Support” … and after 30 plus minutes he comes over to me and says it should be unlocked by the following morning. He said we could call him if it wasn’t unlocked. Well I called his location and a woman answered who then said he wouldn’t be in for a couple of days, so why did he even bother to tell me to call him the next day. So I was very heated and used some colorful language after she said to check at the end of the day… another BS story. She again says I need to come into their office to show proof of who I am. I did that yesterday a trip of 25 minutes which of course ended up being a complete waste of time . I NEED MY PHONE UNLOCKED.


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