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  • 21 April 2023
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two weeks ago, like every two weeks before for the last few years I’ve been able to transfer my photos from Galaxy s10 to my PC, but not any longer. I used five different cables, checked USB port, checked updates for Portable devices, restarted both PC and phone a few times, and nothing changed, I can not transfer photos, albeit I can charge my phone thru USB cable. Additionly I can’t finde any USB info on my phone that supposed to be there according to uncle Google.

4 replies

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using the same cords are you able to connect any other phone to the computer and have it see its there?

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Some cheaper USB cords are for charging only.  Have you trued a different USB port on your PC?  When plugged in to a USB cord attached to the PC.  Does the device charge?  In the pull down from the Notification Tray when connected.  You should see USB - Charging or something like that.  If ou tap on that and hit File Transfer.  It should then connect to your PC and show up like a drive where you can access your pictures and copy them to your PC.  


thank you for your replies. Unfortunately none of the above worked, I need to check with another PC.

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Here's a cheat I use at work. On my phone I open my Gmail account, new message then attach the photos you want to save. Then go to your PC open Gmail, go to drafts, select the draft, open the picture then save.

I know it's a hassle but it's a workaround until you get this figured out.