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  • 24 September 2023
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So today I started getting random texts from unknown numbers. The texts are blank and when I receive the texts, the notification sounds doesn't go off so I see it when I go to my messages. The numbers aren't U.S numbers and I've already blocked 3 of the numbers but they all start with +447 and the number will be 12 digits long. 

3 replies

I started receiving unknown random 12 digit text on (October 20, 2023) There are no notifications of receiving them and they all disappear within seconds of opening app. Just enough time to take a screen shot if prepared ahead of time. Number vary, usually start with 639.

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Have you checked your spam folder?

12 digit random text issue seems to be resolved after contacting T-Mobile support who had suggested the following possible reasons 1) nearby cell towers are under going maintenance upgrades, 2) phone memory was full ( but wasnt), 3) spam and text messages folders are full (was not the case), 4) do a phone restart, 5) support team  was investigating all text and call information and settings.  Good for 1 full day now.