REVVL V+ 5G does not offer a way to disable RTT

  • 28 October 2021
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Most Android phone, including Pixels, One Plus, etc offer and option to disable RTT mode in phone app setting.  For some reason REVVL V+ 5G does not have this.  Please fix.

6 replies


Thank You!  I’ll try the ACR app.. The kind of close captioning at bottom of phone makes seeing the functions like end call button invisible…makes me wonder you would ever be assisted by this function!

Thank you so much, the Acr app has saved me was ready to go with another cell phone company, because Metro didn't even know what to do, so ty ty

Acr phone worked for me! Thanks

Download ACR Phone from Play store. Make that you default app.

Had the same problem. I fixed it by downloading a dialer app and made it the default phone app and the problem stopped 


Had the same problem with our V+5g. After apps were moved from old phone, we ended up with two phone apps. Only one could be uninstalled, which we did. We kept the version 23.0 and have not seen the RTT issue since.