S21 Ultra won't connect to 4G and 5G after screen replacement

  • 21 November 2023
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I just replaced my screen at a repair shop in Greece after I dropped my phone.  Since returning to the US, I cannot access 4G or 5G, only the Edge network and WI-FI.  I have:

Cycled airplane mode on and off.

Cycled data enabled off and on.

Verified data saver is off.

Enabled and disabled roaming.

Wiped cache partition.

Verified the phone is updated.

Restarted my phone after each event above and below.

Verified no outages in my area.

Reset my network settings.

Verified network settings.

Replaced the SIM card.

Started my phone in Safe Mode.

Performed a factory reset of my phone.

I assume that my antenna is broke, the repair store didn’t say anything about it and I didn’t return stateside until about 2 weeks later.  My international plan didn’t show the network before and I couldn’t tell a speed difference because of the plan I have.  I don’t want to have to replace the antenna only to find out there is something I missed or I need to replace something else instead.  Any help would be appreciated.


1 reply

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Have you considered contacting Samsung to have the device repaired properly?  You could always trade it in towards getting a new device.  When disassembling these devices.  There are a lot of things to disconnect and detach and reattach.  Depending on how the old screen was removed.  It might have damaged the antenna for 3G/4G/5G.  Did you check to make sure that only the screen was replaced?  If there was a main board swap, the device would potentially show a different model number.