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  • 14 March 2023
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Since purchasing the S23 Ultra, Google Messages has consistently inconsistent with all aspects of it functionally correct. I’m now at a point where it handles how it sends pictures and photos through RCS depending on if the recipient's RCS backend is Jibe or T-Mobile. It does matter. If I send a picture or video to someone that T-Mobile is the RCS backend, such as a S22 or S23, it will send it as a MMS. The send icon will literally change to MMS and when you view the details it says it was sent as a text. Before it would say it was sent as RCS but would actually compress it to the same size as if it was sent as a MMS message. Also, if the video was any larger then 30 MB it would compress it as it would if sent as a MMS. This was what I initially experienced before it would send everything as a MMS. If I send to someone who is on Samsung Messages a video is compressed if over 30 MB. Photos are compressed as well. It compress a 12MP photo to the size of a 3MP, 1536 x 2048. If I send to someone using Google Messages where Jibe is the RCS backend I produce the same results.
I’ve gone to the extent of resetting my network settings and disabling RCS through the Google messages, then going to to turning off RCS for my number and leaving it that way for 10 days so it would clear out, at least from Jibe’s servers as I’m told.
To Google Messages/T-Mobile RCS - MMS for pictures and videos
To Samsung Messages - Video compresses over 30 MB. Pictures sent over RCS but compressed to a 3MP size
To Google Messages/Jibe RCS - Same results as sending to someone who is using Samsung Messages.

I remember when I had my S20 that Google Messages started compressing photos around October. I don’t remember about videos. My guess is it would compress if over 30 MB. Still said in the app that Jibe was the RCS backend.

It seems that T-Mobile involvement of the delivering RCS messages is messing these up. 

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