Samsung Z Flip 3 Screen Protector Cracks

  • 27 July 2022
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I bought this phone in September of 2021. In February of 2022, I noticed horizontal cracks appearing along the fold. I took it into a branch, they said it was defective and I needed to take it to a Samsung repair center. Great. Did that, they again said my screen was defective and replaced it.

Now, 5 months later, more cracks have appeared in the protector in the same way at the same location.

Has anyone else experienced cracks appearing along their fold line on the Z Flip 3? I am terrified it will happen a 3rd time after the warranty is up in two months and am trying to figure out what to do.

9 replies

My Z Flip started having a crack in the crease the week after I made the last installment payment.  A black dot came on the screen and the phone started going from page to page on its own.

I have already replaced 2 of these phones. 1st the screen protector will go bad and Crack and then the screen will. Usually after about 3 to 6 months. 


I also have a cracked screen protector.  Is this something t mobile takes care of,?


I believe mine is a screen protector problem as well. 

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Badge +16 you happen to have a case on it as well or no? wonder if something is adding pressure at the bend/seam that is causing it to wear sooner than it should be?


Well these protectors come already installed on the screen from the manufacturer. They tell you to NEVER remove or mess with them. When it was changed the first time they had to replace the entire outer frame since a new protector means a new screen which means a whole new frame. Cause it bends

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same brand of screen protector was put back on it? you might opt to look on Amazon or something and see what other brands of screen protectors are out there for it and before pulling the trigger on one double check the comments section and see what all has been said about them.


The screen protector is what is cracking, not the screen itself. And it's peeling up on the edge as well. I also have a case.

Did your screen actually crack or compression marks? I have mine since end of Dec 2021 and in the last 2 weeks have gotten compression marks along the fold and sometimes a crackling sound when I close it. I guess I will take it to Samsung repair and see what they say.  I have never dropped the phone and do have a case on it.