Stop using 1112 as the customer survey text sender

  • 27 October 2023
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T-Mobile customer survey texts are sent from 1112. This is recognized as one of several emergency numbers by Samsung phones (I do not know whether this is also an issue on other handset makers).


The result of this is that the phone thinks the user is making an emergency communication and subsequently unblocks all blocked numbers temporarily. 2 hours at a a time. Resetting each time a reply is sent.

3 replies

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I have received T-Mobile surveys before requesting feedback on my experience with an agent, but none of them have ever come from that shortcode.


THAT’S why my blocked calls keep getting unblocked!!  I thought I was losing my marbles by somehow ‘butt dialing’ emergency services yet calls never completed or logged.  THANK YOU!

T-Mobile there are several other numbers I get calls from, can you drop this one from your roster?


I also have a Samsung cell phone. I received a T-Mobile survey today from the short code 1112.

As the other posts above indicate, my Samsung phone recognized that short code, 1112, as an emergency / SOS call. Just like the previous posts reported, all of my block phone numbers became unblocked for 2 hours (because my Samsung phone recognized 1112 as an emergency number).

T-Mobile please look into this ASAP. It's outrageous that you have sat on this issue for 6 months and done nothing to resolve it.