T-mobile/My Metro are the worst!

  • 8 November 2023
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I have my metro by t-mobile and I have had nothing but absoulte trouble. Their service sucks, I got 2 new 5G phones as if that were going to make the service any better, what a joke. So we get home and right off start having trouble so I call and call and call until finally one of the supervisors said that we got 2 defective phones so I needed to take them back and tell the store to order 2 new ones, which I did. When the phones came in and I go to pick them up she tells me I had to pay $100 and I asked for what she said for the phones. I said oh hell no I dont. Yall sold me 2 messed up phones that I litterly not even a aweek ago paid over $300 and now to get new ones you saing I gotta pay another $100. I walked out and  call customer support and they said no but I couldnt get the phones from the manager wothout paying, needless to say I still have 2 shitty phones and the service sucks so bad I can be in middle of my home work and my hotspot will say NOT CONNECTED but hell it hardly ever does.  I dont know what the deal is they used to be decent and now its like they dont care. WHY DO THEY SUCK SOOOOOOO BAD. Is there any one I can call that will actually help me with this?

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